This is the website of Diego Elio Pettenò, also known as Flameeyes; that's me.

If you got to this page, you most likely are looking for my blog instead.

I'm mainly a Free Software developer. I'm best known as a former Gentoo Linux developer, but I also wrote and maintained software projects over time.

I have interests in multimedia formats and software; I have been a developer for the xine project (a multimedia player framework for Linux and other operating systems), for which I still maintain the bug tracker. This project brought me to collaborate from time to time with libav.

My work on Gentoo taught me a lot about build systems, and in particular the GNU autotools toolchain, which I know is barely documented and often misused. For this reason, I started writing Autotools Mythbuster, a new, example-oriented documentation for them. This was in turn derived from my blog.

In this site you can also find some of my smaller projects, and pointers to download services and repositories. I don't really have an excessive amount of time for most of them any longer, so if you wish to contribute or even pick up any of them, just drop me a note.